Sunday, November 22, 2009

30 Days of Thanks: Day 22

Connie, over at From the Heart of My "Haus" is celebrating 30 days of Thanks during the month of November. Be sure to visit her blog and link up with us as we celebrate God's goodness.


I am thankful for . . .

  1. I was able to sit through church and Mr. Smiley was happy in the nursery.
  2. Surprise! Got the wrong Sunday for the church lunch. It was today! Yea, didn't have to make lunch.
  3. I got to hold Baby Nathaniel, FINALLY.
  4. I also got to shush Baby Lydia for close to 1/2 hour while she slept on me during Home Fellowship.
  5. And yes . . . I finally got to attend Home Fellowship and Mr. Smiley didn't miss me until the end when he had a rather dirty diaper.
  6. The Hottie Hubby and I had an amazingly quiet Sunday afternoon while three little boys slept peacefully.
  7. The Bible College at our church produced a Christmas CD to raise funds for their mission trip. We needed to support them, of course . . . and purchased said CD. It is good and refreshing!
  8. Another beautiful day.
  9. Mr. Smackdown made me laugh today. He was upset at Mr. Me-Too for running on up ahead to ring the doorbell of a friend's house, and said, "Mr. Me-Too's not waiting for us like a familyyyyyyyyyyy!" (The extra y's denote a whinny voice.) It was too funny.
  10. My friend, Sarah, I think made yummy cookies that tasted like they had peppermint in them. They were delicious.
  11. I stared at a very cute little Baby Elias during Home Fellowship. He reminds me of Charlie Brown, except he is way cuter!
  12. I think that Hottie Hubby is an amazing Bible teacher and I was able to listen in on him tonight while he discussed Esther.

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Sarah said...

yep! Young living peppermint oil! and SO excited for you about # 1 & #5!!!

melanie said...

Sounds like you had some good 'Baby Fixes' lately! =)

John said...

I thought you might like these healthy holiday traditions on

I love your blog! It's very fun and informative.

Lisa notes... said...

Wow--you had many fun things to be grateful for. And a great attitude in order to be able to see them. Your family sounds blessed to have you as the wife and mom.