Thursday, November 19, 2009

30 Days of Thanks: Day 19

Connie, over at From the Heart of My "Haus" is celebrating 30 days of Thanks during the month of November. Be sure to visit her blog and link up with us as we celebrate God's goodness.


I am thankful for . . .

  1. My amazing Mother's Helper that came today! She made egg muffins for my bicycle commuting husband and was a great companion! After she left, Mr. Smackdown said the most precious thing. "See Mom, J could come over because we didn't sneeze or touch her. We didn't make her sick." After he said that I remembered thinking it odd that they didn't talk with J nearly as much as usual. They were a little bit distant . . . reserved. Now it makes sense.

  2. My sister dropped by with some long anticipated items . . . and brought a fun goody bag for the boys. There were several books . . . and with each book came the equivalent movie. We read and watched Pinocchio tonight.
  3. I used an rather obscene recipe today for potato leek soup. It called for a cup of butter. And I did it. I followed the directions.

  4. How beautiful the leeks looked as they were being sauteed.

  5. Tomorrow is MCL day! It only happens once a year and is such a memorable lunch.
  6. The boys loved the new Tot Trays that I put out.

  7. The Hottie Hubby cleaned up the kitchen for me.
  8. No one had a temperature.
  9. Mr. Smiley makes me laugh.

  10. Mr. Smackdown showed great empathy today.
  11. Mr. Me-Too excelled at snuggling today.

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Conny said...

I've always thought the concept of a "mother's helper" was a wonderful thought!! I never had one - but I won't rule it out for the future! :) Glad you all had a good day :) The leek soup with 1 CUP OF BUTTER sounds yummy!

I'm curious what MCL day is ... hopefully you'll share tomorrow?!!

momof3munchkins said...

1 cup of butter makes anything good! Love the picture of Mr. Smiley!

melanie said...

I'm thinking your leek soup will never taste the same again (without the full cup of butter next time) ;-) y.u.m. How's this for rationale? It wasn't cookies!