Sunday, November 8, 2009

Instant Challenge: Bridge Builder

I already told you about this, but I'm going to tell you a little bit more. And show some footage of the event, in a little bit.

Very cool blogger and homeschooling mom, Michelle, is hosting a weekly Instant Challenge. Her "meme" (somebody please develop a new word or tell me of a synonym for "meme") evoked in me a memory of an intimidating grade school event. . . Math Pentathlon. That brainy math club always left my hands clammy and my heart thumping in my eardrums. Maybe it was the scary teacher who headed it up. But I avoided this elite "club" as if was the H1N1 virus itself.

I, of course, am going to make sure that my sons have no fear of using their brains. I want to teach them to think under pressure. I want them to learn creativity under boundaries. Additionally, I knew that this Instant Challenge ranks right up there as fun for the Hottie Hubby!


The goal was to build a bridge to join our two land masses, without touching the water. We began with a deck of cards, a pair of scissors, and pretend water nestled between the state of Mr. Smackdown and the state of Mr. Me-Too.

The Hottie Hubby prepared the construction site.

And the workmen began building and excavating the site.

But being a worker can be hard. Moving your mental muscles isn't always fun.

The states developed a little bit of personality, thanks to Mr. Smackdown who loves to draw.

And the cutting began.

Bridge attempt #1

But it wasn't built according to code. The bridge was not to touch the water.

Forget the scissors. Tearing through the rubble would work just as well.

The Hottie Husband could not be held back. He put his graduate degree to work. Using his scissors he created slits that the cards could slide into and lock.

Will it work?

Nobody move!

Bridge Design #2

Thank goodness no one was in the car. The bridge failed due to a lack of support. The cards wanted to collapse in on themselves.

Let's try again.

Bridge Design #3

A success!
And the key(s) to a successful bridge (according to the Hottie Hubby) are:
  • Start with a strong foundation.
  • Use a deep, hollow beam configuration to resist a bending failure.
  • Curl the cards and stuff them inside your hollow beam to resist a lateral torsion failure.
  • Be glad that real bridges aren't built out of cards.


Sarah said...

that last pictures is SO cute! What a fun challenge!

Jen said...

How cute. I love the last picture as well!

Michelle said...

This is great! That is a good looking bridge. I love your photos and all the ingenuity at your home. You definitely have an advantage with HH's design abilities! Very clever. And I love your inclusion of key design principles. The props were great as well. A great first challenge. Thank you for joining us! *Ü*

Heather said...

They did well! That is a great bridge. I just got ours posted--I was proud of my guys and one is way older:) I think these will be good for me, I sure couldn't come up with anything until I saw others pictures. I need to get my imagination back!