Thursday, November 26, 2009

Instant Challenge: Cup Holder


I went out Monday night to my book club to feel sophisticated. (And I returned home feeling ever so enlightened and enriched with literary conversation and fine fellowship.)

Unconsciously I must have known that the Granola Boys would need Willow because I had intended on taking her, you know--the camera, with me. But alas I forgot.

It appears that Hottie Hubby had some fun taking pictures while I was gone, though.

Much to my delight, I returned home to find out that they boys had indeed completed their challenge of constructing a cup holder for this past week's Instant Challenge (over at Delightful Learning).

Now, the details on this challenge are a little shady, because the pictures left on the camera incline me to believe that they had a crazy photo shoot instead of an Instant Challenge. Therefore, I am only sharing you the edited photos so that it looks like the challenge was done under a form of adult structure.

The task was to hold two cups up as high as possible using the prescribed materials. As ususal, though the norm for us, we did things a little bit differently. OK . . .the whole entire event was altered. But they used the materials, minus the time frame being imposed, and had a little help.

I understand that the structure did hold. However, it would blow over should a wolf come along and huff and puff.


Michelle said...

Ok, I am guessing they folded the envelope to make the tower, taped it to the paper to hold it up and then finished the structure with pipe cleaner (or straw) reinforced foil? Great job, boys! *Ü*