Saturday, November 7, 2009

Plasma Car Winnings

I promised. And a promise is a promise.

Carisa, over at 1+1+1=1, had a little giveaway. Actually, she had SEVERAL giveaways to celebrate reaching 1000 Feedburner subscribers.

In case you don’t know, FeedBurner is a nifty little tool that bloggers use to make it easier for YOU to read our blog posts. For example, if you want to receive my blog posts in your “in-box,” look over to the far right column on my homepage and you will see a title that says Get Some Organic Granola In Your Email. All you need to do is type your email into that empty little box below the title; click submit; and then fill out the security code that you are prompted with. Next, in a matter of moments an email will be arrive to the email address you submitted. Lastly, you will need to click on the little blue link contained in that email to confirm that you indeed want my blog posts delivered to your email address. By doing this you never miss my fascinating tales. (Gotta love me!)

Anyway, I won. We won. We won a Plasma Car! Thanks Carisa and Plasma Car. We are LOVING our new toy. In fact, it is being played with as I write . . . and it is now coming into the house!

plasma car halloween 001

Mr. Smackdown and Mr. Me-Too were so curious what could be in this big box!

plasma car halloween 006

Excitement doesn’t even describe the feeling these boys had. Many times they kept saying, “Thank you for winning this, Mommy!” In return, I give thanks to God. I have been blessed with much needed reminders that He cares for me and delights in my little boys. I don’t mean that you have to win a toy to know that God loves you . . . but my emotions have been a little rocky recently. God has sought to remind me that He is for me and cares for me. In addition to God’s living love letter to me in the Bible, He has blessed (me) us with some little gadgets that I have won online (remember the coffee and the Mini and a few more things I have yet to blog about!)

View plasma car

The Plasma Car has been great. Adults can even ride it. And you bet we have! The Plasma is REALLY easy to use.

plasma car halloween 069


Carisa said...

I am so happy for you!!! Honestly when I decided to do giveaways that is what finally pushed me over the edge to beginning them...knowing that I could bless others with a little surprise! I am so happy to be a part of seeing others get to bless their children or families!

;) Carisa

Conny said...

oh wow, that is COOL - a plasma car - never heard of such a thing. HAVE FUN!!

Mamma James said...

That is so AWESOME that you won!!! My kids have wanted one of those for a while, but they are expensive so we have yet to purchase one. :) I haven't tried the store you can try them but I was afraid of breaking it...guess not! Lol! Enjoy your new blessing...espcially w/ the nice weather ahead!