Thursday, February 10, 2011

Get Cultured!

I like to grow bacteria. 

It’s fun.

And now you can learn to grow bacteria . . . in your PJ’s. 

With some accountability.

At your leisure. 

You could even use it as a home-economics course for your school room. 

Nourished Kitchen has just announced its upcoming e-course, Get-Cultured:  How to Ferment Anything!

So instead of reading my blog, you can take a course.  You could become a certifiable licensed bacteria-growing specialist.  How cool would that be?

Sorry.  The title doesn’t come with a badge. 

What will you learn?

(Ahem.  I thought I knew a lot.  But reading the checklist of what the Nourished Kitchen will teach you . . . I don’t know diddily-squat.)

  • Why fermented foods  are critical to your health
  • How beneficial bacteria can actually work with your DNA to build immunity
  • How to enhance digestive health through real food
  • How you can make everyday foods like ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise that enhance your family’s health
  • How to make yogurt and kefir using raw milk, pasteurized milk or even coconut milk
  • How to make natural, low sugar sodas that are actually good for your kids
  • How to make bacon and corned beef without added nitrates/nitrites in just a few simple steps
  • How to preserve foods naturally with the lost art of fermentation
  • How to troubleshoot when your home-fermented foods go funky
  • How to ferment foods naturally and safely

OK . . . if this list wasn’t enticing enough to you foodies  . . . then here is WHY you NEED to take this e-course:

  • You want to build immunity naturally
  • You want to optimize gut health and digestion
  • You want to give up processed commodity foods and start eating real
  • You value cooking from scratch and mastering the lost arts of traditional foods
  • You want to restore the proper balance to your gut
  • You  or your family suffers from digestive ills or food intolerances.
  • You adhere to a real food diet or the dietary guidelines of the Weston A Price Foundation.
  • You want to SAVE money by making good food at home from scratch
  • You’re on a restricted diet such as GAPS or SCD which places importance on the value of fermented foods

What will you get (for a lifetime) with this $149 class that lasts 13 weeks (or one week access for $20)?

A lot.  Originally, I had it all listed for you.  But to see a detailed description of the course, head on over to Nourished Kitchen.

What else will you get?  The benefits to this course are long lasting.

I am excited about the recipes . . . and learning to make coconut yogurt. 

I don't share this with you lightly.  I believe in the value of including fermented foods with EVERY meal.  My journey into whole foods and fermentation was initially LONELY.  There was a lot of trial and error.  And no one to ask.

But you have the opportunity to learn with a group . . . and gain valuable information that can provide true health. 

So, sign up.  Your gut will thank you. 

Registration ends February 28th (the price goes up March 1st) and classes begin March4th! 

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