Friday, February 25, 2011

The Simple Woman’s Daybook



Outside my window... there is beautiful, white snow.  Again. 

I am thinking... that my feet itch, my puppy will hop off of the couch at any moment (when I’m not looking) and disappear in search of something sentimental to eat, and that it is amazing I haven’t dropped my camera sooner.  Yes, beloved Willow is in the shop.  I dropped her on the way to a basketball game last weekend. 


I am thankful for... a friend who called me and unexpectedly invited me out for a movie (go see The Grace Card – you will need to bring tissues), weekends, the thunder-thighs of my 4-month old daughter, seeing my Mom and MIL enjoy my kids so much, a date with the Hottie tonight, moments when Ruth isn’t biting, and that Puppy Kindergarten begins tomorrow.


From the learning rooms...  geography, particularly South Korea. 

I have been chatting with Beth Moore some more about the Fruit of the Spirit.  I’ve learned that there are two types of patience.  One that God refers to as persevering through circumstances based upon the hope of something better and one that refers to people . . . extending mercy.  And um . . . that is the one God highlights in the Fruit of the Spirit.  God knew it was easier to plod along through circumstances.  But it is far more difficult to faithfully love a difficult person.  Which reminds me . . . here is cool quote from The Grace Card.

 I PROMISE to pray for you every day,

ask for your forgiveness, grant you the same,

and always be your friend.

You can actually send someone their own Grace Card here.  (You can personalize it!)

From the kitchen... beans are soaking and rice is sprouting.  Thank you Nourished Kitchen

I am creating... lots of compost but nowhere to put it, work for the hubby as I plan my garden, and lent from drying our clothes.  (milk – still, praise the Lord!)

I am going... to make lunch.

I am reading… The $64 Tomato, the Bible, and whatever my kids are reading.

I am hoping... to bless the Hottie by shoveling the driveway before he comes home . . . but I certainly wouldn’t bet money on it happening.

I am hearing...  my stomach and a high-pitched children's CD playing in Gabe’s room while he has his Quiet Time.  Two other boys are being somewhat noise in the basement for their “supposed” Quiet Time.  And my stomach, did I mention that?

Around the house...  toys.  Lent.  Dust.  I’m trying to see how thick the dust build up can get.  Thinking about entering Guinness Book of World Records.  Not really.  But sometimes I wonder.

One of my favorite things... sleeping.

A few plans for the rest of the week(end):  I’m hoping to change some dirty diapers, get a small amount of sleep, and be busy cleaning.  NOT!!!!  But seriously . . . puppy kindergarten, family night, and roast a chicken with 40 garlic cloves!!!!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...


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