Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Water Kefir Soda Addendum

It appears that my symbiotic colony of yeast and bacteria has made quite a splash into quite a few imaginary glasses. 

Let me clarify a few things about water kefir soda, though.

  • Water kefir grains are completely different from dairy kefir grains.  Not only do they look different but they produce radically different healthy ferments.
  • Both grains eat sugar or a form of sugar (lactose).  If you don’t want a sweet product, then you allow your water kefir grains to sit out longer or add less sugar. 
  • The Hottie and I can easily drink a bottle a day . . . and Asher would gladly down 5 or more if given the opportunity. 
  • This beverage does taste yummy!  I liken it to sparkling cider.  Flavored soda water – except healthy.

Keep the questions coming . . . and stay tuned.

I have partnered with Cultures for Health and will be offering a giveaway next week for a Water Kefir Soda Starter Kit!  And if you don’t win the kit . . . you can still order grains for that beloved family member who enjoys their synthetic chemical cocktail.

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