Friday, February 18, 2011

Nourishing Traditions Cookbook Giveaway

If you have been enjoying my fermenting recipes . . . now you can enjoy them a little bit more.

You already know that I like the Nourished Kitchen

I like fermenting.  I want you to like it too.

In fact, I highly recommend enrolling in the Get Cultured e-course

But you already knew that. 

I first started learning about fermentation from the Nourishing Traditions cookbook. 


And though I think this cookbook rocks, I think that the Get Cultured e-course would be more like a quarry than a rock in your kitchen.

However, I would still like you to have the book. 

So . . . . twofold blog post. 

  • First, sign up for the Get Cultured e-course using the code sourpickles to receive $20 off!  This coupon is only valid until Monday.  (Classes start March 4th.)
  • Secondly, win a copy of Nourishing Traditions


Please, please, please . . .do not put more than one entry per comment. I will be using to pick the winners. Make sure you leave your email address in your comment.  All options are worth 1 entry.

(Mandatory) Read about The Nourished Kitchen e-course and tell me one thing that you would like to learn if you enrolled in it.

  1. Become one of my fans through Google Connect if you aren't already! (It’s over there on your right . . . see all of the little people?)
  2. Sign up to take The Nourished Kitchen e-course through my link and give yourself 10 entries.
  3. Tweet, blog, email some friends, or Facebook about the giveaway and then come back and leave me the link or a copy of your email.  Do this as often as you like.  Spread the good bacteria!
  4. Subscribe to my blog.

Remember, only #1 is mandatory. The rest of the entries are optional, but you MUST comment separately for each one.

The Fine Print: I will email you when you have won. You must respond within 48 hours.

Contest ends February 28, 2011 at Midnight

P.S.  This giveaway has nothing to do with The Nourished Kitchen . . . . Who knows?  I may send you my battered and loved recipe book or a new one. 

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