Monday, April 4, 2011

1000 Gifts

It’s not that I’m an ungrateful, unthankful, or unappreciative person.

My eucharisto journal unfortunately got stuffed behind the computer when we had some guests over . . . and it stayed there all week.

Out of site, out of mind.  (Kind of.)

I am thankful for . . .

24.  A quick 2 hour drive to Cincinnati with a special friend (Nicole) that made my tired body refreshed with fellowship.

25.  Two days wearing my sweet baby girl.

43.  And with that sweet baby girl, making bloggy friends into IRL friends . . . such as Dianna from Grapevine Studies . . .

homeschool conference 004

and Joy and her sister from Timberdoodle . . .

homeschool conference 001

and Marie Rippel from All About Spelling . . .

homeschool conference 002

25.  The Engineer who easily slipped into the role of teacher, while I was gone at the Homeschooling Conference.

26.  Inspiring talks that have already reshaped our dinner table.  I hope to share soon.

29.  White linens.

homeschool conference 010

30.  A picked-up home after being absent.  I tell you, the Engineer is not only handy . . . but an awesome husband.

32.  Passing puppy kindergarten . . . despite us not training as much as we should have.

homeschool conference 035 

33.  Raspberry flavored Emergen-C.

39.  Turkish Delight.

homeschool conference 060

40.  Even better is the friend who comes bearing Turkish Delight.

homeschool conference 065 

41.  Having some spare time waiting for above friend (Auntie) to people watch at the airport.  I even started crying after observing one sweet reunion. 

43.  Fitting into pre-baby pants.

44.  Poke-A-Dots.

homeschool conference 046

What have you been especially thankful for recently?

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