Monday, April 11, 2011

Public Service Announcement

Just wanted to pass on some sales to you . . .

Get $20 off Simple Menu Plans from The Nourished Kitchen using the coupon code:  SPRING11.

This is what you will receive (especially great if you opted not to take the Get Fermented class that I annoyingly consumed your inbox writing about).

    • 3 Full Simple Dinner Menus Each Week
    • 1 Dessert of the Week
    • 1 Probiotic Fermented Food of the Week
    • 1 Soup of the Week
    • All whole foods, no refined or processed ingredients
    • Easy-to-follow Recipes
    • Simple to-do lists
    • Guides to seasonal produce
    • Information on health and wellness
    • Suitable for Gluten-/Grain/Dairy-/Soy-free and GAPS Diets
    • Recipes serve four, but can be easily halved, doubled or tripled
    • Most menus can be prepared in under 40 minutes
    • Click here to download a sample.
    • easy refund policy
    • averages to less than $7.50 a month!

A similar nifty code is how I ended up getting hooked up with The Nourished Kitchen . . . and how I ended up purchasing an entire year’s worth of dinners . . .

You can see a lot of my cooking experiences with Jenny here.

I like Simple Dinners . . . because for me . . . they are simple.  And rich.  And delicious.  And dense.  And nutritious.  And my husband praises me and showers me with accolades when I cook with Jenny. 


Second announcement, since you aren’t Sally from {With Eager Hands} , I know that you didn’t win the Resurrection Stick Figure Bible Curriculum . . . but you can purchase it for 30% off RIGHT NOW

morgan's hat

All e-books are on sale now . . . no shipping fee to upset the budget . . . you could literally start stick figuring in minutes . . . and not have to wait on the mail man/woman.

Though real mail is fun, don’t get me wrong.  (Not that I galloped to my mail bearing husband when he sauntered into the room carrying 2 packages . . . and questioned if I was excited to see him or the mail he was carrying.)

But stick figuring is MORE FUN.

Just a thought.

Combine The Resurrection study with Amon’s Adventure.  Riveting. 


History will come ALIVE before your very eyes.

And your kids will want to snuggle with you instead of watching TV.

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