Thursday, April 14, 2011

Even Mom’s Need Stamps

I like stickers.

And I like stamps.  I bought an insane amount of stamps for the boys from Oriental Trading Company once.

But this one is my favorite.  Smile faces, jumping dolphins, and red hearts don’t compare to my stamp.

My date stamp feels powerful.  Authoritative.  Adult-like.


I got the idea from Michelle.

I like it when I get to pound gently stamp a completed paper.

It’s like we are accomplishing something huge. 


I like not writing down what we did in my homeschool planner.

Stamping is easier.



Ummm . . . fun.  And my boys . . . they let me stamp.  They like me enjoying something so ridiculously delightful. 

Is that weird?  What homeschool “help” makes your job . . . fun?

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