Friday, April 8, 2011

Inspiring Agility: An Action Figure Giveaway

It’s not a doll, it’s an action figure.

Big difference between the two.  Dolls are carried around and snuggled with.  Swaddled.  They pretty much lead a pampered and boring dusty life.

Not action figures, such as Manhattan Toy’s Boysterous Action Figure.

012(Note:  “Matthew” is really a snowboarder . . . but the boys were sharing the action figure sports equipment.) 

003“Matthew’s” skateboard is magnetic.  

Here is “Charlie.”


However, “Charlie” received new gear.  Because . . . well  . . . we kind of encourage our boys to be dangerous.  (Thanks to this book.)

So we had to do some gear improvising and I created a snowboard for Charlie. 


I personally think that Charlie will be a little cold; however, I have known people to ski in shorts on a clear, April, Colorado day.


Once Ezra’s action figure was like Asher’s . . . the world was a happy place filled with danger and stunts.


And more stunts . . .


And more jumps . . .


With the grand finale of jumps . . .


The four great things about this toy:

  • It has its own carrying case that can also be the playing field that can be purchased separately ($30 . . . gulp).  (Great if you purchase all 5 action figures {$18 each} …. which has been hinted at around this house.)


  • The toys are open-ended . . . which encourages creative play . . . and trust me my boys were creative!
  • Serves as a great tool to try “dangerous” stunts out while being relatively safe.  Relatively. 
  • Even dad approved of this particular soft toy that is reminiscent of some toys his daughter has that collect dust, are swaddled, and filled with stuffing. 

Want to win a Manhattan Toy Boysterous Action Figure?

Mandatory:  Visit the Manhattan Toy website and tell me which action figure would you like to win?

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Giveaway ends Friday, April 29, 2011 at midnight.  Only open to those with a US shipping address.)

This is a MamaBuzz review. (You could actually try winning on some other blogs too!) The product was provided by Manhattan Toys for this review.

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