Monday, April 25, 2011

One Thousand Gifts continued . . .

108.  Adult dog teeth, because puppy teeth are sharp.


110.  Cartridge World (thanks Michelle!)

111.  The Engineer who stayed up late to help me lay out my garden, complete with graphing paper.

112.  Listening to the Engineer instruct his “arrows” around the dinner table about the Resurrection.   And how the Engineer did a so-like-Brian thing . . . he used his phone and the phone read the Bible passages.  Of which, his arrows thought was great!  Which made for some very disappointed little boys when Mommy took over Bible this morning.

116.  scratch and sniff stickers

117.  a free Earth Day tree


120.  The surprise color of my emerging tulips.

121.  Baby poop that still smells like a breastfed baby . . . despite starting solids.  Oh how my dread turned to delight!


125.  Dying to self in order to give another a gift.

126.  The patience of one of my last sling customers . . . especially with the tardiness of my completing her order. 

128.  Hearing friends sing worship songs while I fed Naomi her supper. 


129.  Beautiful, delicate buds at a boy birthday party.


130.  lemon in my water

131.  Young Living Pan Away Essential Oil

132.  Jesus

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