Friday, April 8, 2011

Preschool Corner

Fun, fun, fun!!!

This little boy is amazing me.  Letter recognition and reading has exploded.  He is quite impressed with himself, as he should be.

Recently, Ezra has been up to . . .

  • Learning about the Resurrection – in an effort to combat the culture’s insistence on celebrating an Easter Bunny.


  • Math – Singapore Math . . . we switched recently because his previous math book was getting a bit hard.
  • All About Reading . . . thanks to a great conversation with Marie Rippel at the homeschooling conference.parade 045
  • Handwriting with A Reason for Handwriting . . . he is writing me sweet notes now!  I love it!


  • Lots of playing and exploring . .  .

 Sparks-a-rama 003

What fun things have you done with your preschooler or 5K’er?

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