Saturday, October 11, 2008

Field Trip called Fall

Well, I did it. I skipped school this Thursday and we played outside. I putzed around in my garden, while the boys entertained themselves with various activities from raking leaves to digging holes.

It has been my goal for three years to actually plant my fall harvest at the right time. I missed it this year, but I have my spring harvest planted--garlic!

Being outside on Thursday made me decide that Fall is officially my favorite time of the year. Long shirts and jeans here I come. I have so many fun memories that happened and will happen in the fall: crumpling leaves to bring about their unique aroma, creating a leaf collage for school, surrounding my beloved dog, Toby, in leaves as a youngster, hayrides with my new boyfriend when I was in high school, studying by the library on a blanket at IU my freshman year of college, romping at Audubon Park in Kentucky with my boyfriend (now husband), sleeping under the stars with college friends at Garden of the Gods in Illinois, camping in Colorado with the Aspen leaves waving to me on a crisp afternoon hike, throwing leaves up so high to dance around my dog and make her chase her tail, secretly building mountains with Oak, Maple and Ash for the boys to plow over when they wake up from lazy afternoon naps, creating leaf-n-slide activities to bring about squeals of delight, raking leaves with my newborn slung to my side, and the yearly family photo. I love the way the sun pours light onto the ever changing leaves. There always seems to be a slight breeze. The squirrels play all day. Our dog chases the wind and is frisky after her morning potty break. I almost wish that days were longer in the fall than the summer. I wish to savor the beauty and sit out by an open fire (however, the directions on our firepit say not to use the fire pit on a wood deck.)

So, I think tonight will be another date night with my husband, even though we saw Fireproof last night. Time to light his birthday present (a fire pit) and make some hot chocolate.


christina said...

Thanks for sharing your sweet fall memories...makes me want to curl up with some cider and read a book! How ironic that you saw the movie "Fireproof" and then bought Brian a firepit for his b-day! :)