Monday, October 27, 2008

Imaginary Work

When I first started my blog, it was at the suggestion of my good friend, Christina. As I have researched the culture of blogging, I am amazed at the variety of blogs and uses for blogs.

I have even discovered that you can make money off of your blog (note the google ads on my page--every time you click on one, I make money. Pretty cool--however, I don't have a huge following, so I have not made any money off of your clicks.) I just spent some time trying to discover simple ways to make money off of my blog, but can't for the life of me find the websites that I had previously read describing how. I particularly am interested on making money from reviewing things--especially books! Did you know that you can even set up your blog so that people can just donate money to you for no reason?! Or you can even charge people to read your blog--wow, to think that perhaps someone would pay to read my musings!

I sit researching ways to make money by not really working for it, so that when I really do work at my job that I don't get paid for monetarily, I will really actually be making money. Imaginary work--brilliant. Make sense? So, here is my list of things to do that I will be paid for when I am working at my zero paying job that will actually begin paying when I make it to big time blogging:

(It is a given that loving God, serving and dating my hubby, playing with the kiddos come first--these aren't work . . .)

1. organize the school room and game room
2. change linens
3. stuff cloth diapers and put the small ones away
4. go through new tub of clothes and hang up what the baby can wear currently
5. call my creative friend Sarah and get kids picture taken
6. write in my blog more
7. write down what I eat, exercise, and lose 10 pounds by Christmas
8. mail books
9. email some people
10. Make scrapbooks for two youngest boys
11. paint family room
12. paint trim white
13. paint downstairs bathroom
14. paint kitchen?
15. make lap books for FIAR lesson
16. mail checks, go through receipts
17. dust
18. vacuum
19. clean bathrooms regularly
20. do laundry and actually get stuff folded and hung on the same day
21. sew baby sling
22. sew baby wipes
23. make Cocoon wrap to sell
24. redo elastic in FuzziBunz
25. sew outfits for the boys to match for the baby dedication
26. decide when to have the baby dedication and call church
27. make a jacket for my mom
28. reinvent some used pre-fold diapers
29. sell some stuff on eBay
30. hang out with a new friend from church
31. put manure in the garden and close it down for the winter
32. rake leaves
33. take out a shrub by the deck and put some ornamental grasses there
34. memorize scripture
35. organize laundry room
36. sleep


christina said...

you are brilliant!