Monday, February 16, 2009

Word of the Week: gadarene

What the spank is this word and where in the world of mothering would I use it? The way I interpret gadarene's meaning, pronounced GAD-uh-reen, is to be hasty in a decision, to jump on the bandwagon-without really thinking about what you are about to do.

I picked this week's word by simply going to Mirriam-Websters Online Dictionary for their "word of the day." This word is derived from the very chapter I studied last week in Bible study! Luke 8: 26-39, refers to a man named Legion, who lived in Gerasenes (or the country of the Gadarenes--Matthew 8:28). Legion was plagued by demons, naked, and lonely. Yet, Jesus just so "happens" to come along and ask for his good name.

"Legion," the man declares. I imagine him almost croaking these words out, neck bulging with effort, as the evil spirits try to lock his mouth shut. The demons probably turned cold at this twist of fate. No longer can they hold this man captive. But where can they go?

Scripture tells us that the demons implore Jesus to not command them into the abyss. What is so bad about the abyss? The abyss, in reference, is the one we learn about in Revelation 20:1. All I have to say is that if a demon doesn't want to go there, then it must be a pretty nasty place.
Instead, they choose to indwell a pig. A pig? I don't understand their logic, but it works for them to enter this "unclean" animal (which is an altogether different subject). For some reason, Jesus is generous to his enemies and grants their request; perhaps because He knows that eventually they will be stuck in the abyss and, well, pigs are pretty foul themselves. The demons then grunt their grand, fat, pink bottoms with tiny tails down the steep bank and into the lake. Drowning themselves. It really seems like a rash and foolish plan to me.

Because of this, gadarene becomes a synecdoche for a hasty rushing into something . . .

Now, there is another reason why I chose this word. But that will be for another day. I will give you a hint. I wanted to gadarene purchase five items, but figured it was foolish until they had been tested and approved on one family member. And this item is . . . .


christina said...

I hate cliffhangers! :) NOT FAIR!