Friday, February 13, 2009

I've dated for 16 years

What were you doing 16 years ago today? I CLEARLY remember this unique day that happened 1/2 of my life ago. I hung out with my girlfriends at the local eating establishment, called Profits. I looked forward to snow that was to be coming the next day, along with a bowling birthday party for my friend Jack. I eagerly anticipated what I would wear that night to the basketball game. And I met my husband.

While everyone is ramping up to celebrate Valentine's Day, I am praising God that today marks our 16 year dating anniversary. Sixteen years ago, tonight, I conspired to have a "blind" date with this cute football player. Andy and Sharon, pictured above, graciously agreed to "host" this blind date, especially since my hottie husband could not yet drive. The hubby and I didn't do much talking that night. We smiled a lot, ate pizza, went bowling, and hung out a Denny's. But it launched an amazing love affair that continues to this day.

Thanks, Andy and Sharon! (and Ryan)

I love you, Husband. Thanks for a great 16 years!


Sarah said...

WoW!! Congratulations!! We're halfway to your 16 this month.

christina said...

Congratulations! We love you both...and love you even more together! :) Was this picture taken on your first date? Looks pretty formal for a first date (dance?)!