Saturday, February 14, 2009

Memory Cross Valentine Update

I am amazed how God has made each of us differently and fascinated by the imagination of some people, in particular the genius who created these Memory Cross cards (I know that I sound like a commercial).

Mr. Smackdown enjoyed coloring his Bible story cards and Mr. Easy delighted in making them into a table that he piled crayons upon. Regardless of how they were used, they were a hit in our household. They provided the perfect morning entertainment, fulfilling the intended purpose of showing God's lavish love, while we anxiously awaited the Hubby's yummy French toast.

If I were teaching Sunday school, I think I would be tempted to use these as my entire lesson, culminating in each child getting a Memory Cross card to color and take home. Talk about a great hands on lesson!

Additionally, they would make great cards for kids to color and give to neighbor--along with a nice baked good, send to a sick person, or decorate for a teacher. The Bible craft cards would be helpful while waiting at the doctor, unique as a sibling gift when the new baby arrives, or a creative non-sugar altermative for a sticker chart filled up. Reward your kids with the Word!

I'll let you know how the family pack works for helping me memorize scripture.