Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lactation Needs Hydration

I'm a little miffed with myself. It started with the fact that on the Tuesday night before Mother's Day I realized that my day to shine and to honor both my mother and mother-in-law was this weekend (today, in fact). I thought it was over two weeks away for some bizarre reason. The Hot Husband and I created an intricately scheduled day to honor both of our moms. (The Hot Husband also worked on ways to honor me, too). We finally devised a plan and put it into action.

But I messed it up. You see, when you lactate, or nurse, you have to drink water. And the amount you drink the day before affects the following day. You would think that after the third child I would make sure to drink water. Well, I was pretty busy yesterday and didn't drink enough water. I woke up this morning with a screaming headache, nausea, and some other issues that really don't need to be discussed.

The table was set, the casserole in the oven, everything looked beautiful. I opened the door to my parents ashen and fresh out of the shower--totally not ready to celebrate but to pass out. I was in bed for the entire celebration. I missed church, too. I missed the Mom carnation that we get every year. I never knew how much I enjoyed getting my flower at church.

So to all of you lactating moms, here is a word of advise to you on Mother's Day, my gift to you: Stay hydrated.

Afterthought: Here is a picture of the boys after returning from church. Mr. Easy made me an apron in Sunday School (bless his teacher) and Mr. Smackdown handed me my annual carnation.


Beth said...

I read your post and immediately this thirst came over me. I ran downstairs and got some water. :) Hope you have a better day tomorrow!

Casey said...

oh Jodi so sorry I didn't know, how are you today?

GranolaMom4God said...

Drink up Beth! That made me laugh! Yes, Casey, I am much better. By the time everyone returned from church, I was up and blogging! Thanks!