Saturday, May 30, 2009


Mr. Smackdown has come a long way. His first football game was filled with tears, hesitation, and sore feet. Today he earned his medal, which is proudly being displayed around his neck for good sportsmanship and most improved.
His team celebrated their great game. When asked who won . . .does it matter? They had fun.

And his biggest fans were here to witness the entire event.
Mr. Me-Too, formerly Mr. Easy, enjoyed jumping and creating an obstacle course.
Mr. Smiley did what he normally does--smile.
And we celebrated with hugs, kisses and Subway!


Sarah said...

Go Mr. Smackdown!!! The pictures are looking GREAT!

(I was just looking into sewing beanbag letters too!! I figured I should start now b/c it's going to take me FOREVER! Let me know how you are putting the letters on. I had everything figured out but that. I really didn't want to do them by hand, but that was my only thought b/c iron on won't stay on if we are really going to play with them.)

hi mamma said...

Way to go Mr. Smackdown! Great photographs...Willow is so good

christina said...

HOORAY for Mr. Smackdown!

grace said...

aww so much fun!!!

Kristen McG said...

Love the pictures!! And, the new name :)