Wednesday, May 6, 2009 chose the Nature's Providence Giveaway

And the Winner of my 3rd Giveaway from Nature's Providence is Heidi! I have never met Heidi but we have connected in the blogger world and it has been fun! Check out Heidi's blog!

For the Laurel Hasner giveaway, I actually put every one's name in a hat and drew John Hancock's from said hat. This time around, I assigned the 5 contestants a number in the order that comments were received. Two contestants actually had three entries each. Then, I used a random number generator from Number 8 was the lucky number!


Heidi said...

Thank you! I was SO excited when I got the e-mail saying that I had won. It was fun picking out my scents. This is the first thing I've won in quite some time, making it extra exciting.

GranolaMom4God said...

You're welcome! I am glad you won. It was fun to bless you since I just came to know you through blogging and the reviews!