Friday, June 26, 2009

I want to Win . . . the Dyson DC25 All Floors

I ruined my fur eating, crumb sucking, insect gathering, dirt bagging appliance. My vacuum is in such a disgusting state, that I don't even want to touch it. My vacuum is very sick. I put her in the garage.

And I am telling you this because I REALLY want to win a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner from 5 Minutes for Mom.

It all started when we picked up Mussie's sister, Sadie, last weekend. (For those of you who don't know Mussie, she is our furry lion hunter dog.)

In a matter of two days, Sadie acquired a common female condition, the dreaded bladder infection. The reason that I know this is because she peed and bled on the carpeting in several locations.

Of course not one to use chemicals (that would be way too easy), I poured some baking soda on the pee to soak it up and freshen the carpeting. (It works for puke, why not pee?)

Here is the problem. When you pour baking soda on puke, it soaks up the expelled stomach contents better than a towel and takes the stain out of the carpeting.

Mental note for next time, pee doesn't dry as quickly once it is in contact with baking soda. But having three active boys, one of which crawls, I needed to vacuum the now yellow baking soda up. After all, Confucius say, "Never eat yellow snow."

I momentarily thought that maybe this wouldn't be such a good idea as I began lifting the baking soda off of the carpeting with the same vacuum that used to clean my husband's little boy bedroom. . . but Mr. Me-Too needed back into his room for a nap where this dog transaction first occurred. Thankfully my MIL's vacuum suctioned it all up without leaving a crumb.

The other two piles were allowed to saturate the baking soda. 24 hours later, plenty of time for the carpeting to dry, I vacuumed the rest of the baking soda hills.

Man it smelled funny around that appliance. It also didn't seem to have its normal suction power. I took the hose nozzle off of this beast and noticed that some baking soda had caked around the tubing. No problem. I grabbed a crayon conveniently lying on the floor and helped the baking soda move further down the tube with a Crayola push. Situation under control. I proceeded to vacuum up the rest of the pile and then moved on to a new mom task.

Yesterday, I got struck with a desire to tiddy up my house and vacuum downstairs, where Sadie had only pooped 3 times, not peed. When I turned the vacuum on, the foulest smell poured forth from that green machine that used to be called my vacuum cleaner.

I wanted to hurl.

I mustered up the courage to once again look inside the vacuum hose. The baking soda that was once white, then yellow, had now turned black.


I panicked!

I had vacuumed! What nasty filthiness had I infected my entire downstairs with? What small bacteria or mold would settle on Mr. Smiley's precious hands as he crawls around only to later enter his mouth?

And this is why I need to win the Dyson DC25 All Floors. Check out the 5 Minutes for Mom Giveaway!


Cascia said...

Oh no! It sounds like you really went through an ordeal with your vacuum. I tend to wear out my vacuum cleaners myself. It is hard when you have pets. We have two long haired cats and their fur clogs up the motors rather quickly. I hope you win that Dyson!

Melissa said...

Whoa what a catastrophe that was! I sure hope you win! You really need to!