Monday, June 22, 2009

Still Waiting For Ants

We are STILL waiting for our ants. Each day the trip to the mailbox is eagerly anticipated and met with great disappointment.

In the meantime, Mr. Smackdown captured a fine looking caterpillar with a ferocious appetite. The green caterpillar was enjoying Mr. Smackdown's tasty garden lettuce. Instead of being upset, at what I would deem an unwanted intruder, he saw God's creation, beauty, and wonder.

"Can we keep him?"

Sadly, we have killed our first outdoor pet. I thought we left him with plenty of lettuce while we were gone on vacation. Unfortunately, the caterpillar pooped too much and couldn't crawl away.

I know. It is a sad story. But I figured it would provide interesting reading material.

Stay tuned for . . .
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  • highlights from Father's Day
  • a review of the new planner from The Old Schoolhouse
  • tips for camping with kids that I learned this past weekend


Cascia said...

Sorry to hear about your caterpillar. I don't think they live long in captivity. I hope your ants arrive soon!