Monday, June 15, 2009

Tot School 6--How Do You Exercise Your Kids?

Tot School ended up being an experiment in photo editing for me. I am loving my new discovery of Picassa 3 photo editing software. So if anything looks funny, it is because I am experimenting.

We have regressed to the letter "A" again. It is hard to move on, as we are STILL waiting for the ants to arrive. I pulled out some of my kindergarten folders from the old teaching days, specifically the Letter A folder that contains all things "A."
Mr. Smackdown learned a lesson in gluing. Sometimes a lot of glue isn't a good thing. I made an outline of an ant body. Mr. Smackdown was to spread glue within the pre-drawn shape. Except, he got a significant amount of glue outside of the lines. When he saw my ant, he wanted to start over.
We colored apples. We were supposed to cut them out and make an apple necklace, but sadly not everyone had happy hearts about this task and our necklace was never completed.

With a little coaxing later in the day, Mr. Smackdown worked on writing the letter "A." It was way more fun to use a dry-erase marker than write with a pencil.

We also incorporated some of our daily life into school, after listening to God tell me to lighten up. I was getting cereal boxes ready for VBS at our church. We had over 100 individual cereal boxes to take the contents out and carefully open the lid. I wanted to do it all by myself, but apparently this task looked like too much fun for the boys. So . . . after letting go of my Type A personality, I had them pull the cereal out of the boxes, stack the cereal and then line the boxes up. It became a lot of fun creating a domino line. So, without knowing it, the boys learned about motion and inertia (thanks Hottie Hubby).

The experiment with boxes continued and Mr. Smackdown wanted to be traced with boxes to see how big he was and what his body looked like. I thought that was clever.

A pop-up rain storm presented a wonderful opportunity to run around outside experiencing the weather. But what intrigued them the most was collecting rainwater, tasting the raindrops, and listening to the sounds water made when it fell into the watering can.

And because my kids were feeling a little cramped in our house, and I a little crabby, we are taking our exercise to the gym. Wow! Mr. Smackdown loves gymnastics as much as he loves ice cream. That is saying a lot!

How do you exercise your kids?

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Raising a Happy Child said...

Great week! It looks like Mr Smackdown was busy, and your pictures look good in Picassa. As for exercise - one simple thing that we do is keeping TV off. We spend a lot of time outside, and we also go to Gymboree once a week. I don't think any "formal exercise routine" is needed at this point - my daughter is only 2.5, and is definitely nowhere near being overweight.