Friday, June 5, 2009

3650 Days and Counting

In honor of our 10 year anniversary, I thought I would play around a little bit with two of my favorite and old pictures on

This picture was taken back in the day when we had no children. And lived in Colorado.

What on earth did we do with our time?

Oh yea, we skied.

Anyway, our Friday night Bible Study took a trip to the wilderness and stayed in a cabin. It was my first time having Bring Your Own Can of Something to make Chili. It was also my first time to walk across a frozen lake.
It was my first time to have my picture taken on a frozen lake.

Which brings me to a point, I love my husband because he encourages and challenges me to try new things. It may be hard and it may be different, but I just need to try. And he is always right there to pick me up or help me out. Like God, except he isn't God.

I tried skiing and liked it.

I tried backpacking and liked it.

I tried fish. Well, I am working on liking it.

I tried eggplant and liked it.

I tried kids, and like them.

I tried cloth diapering and whole foods. And they aren't bad.
I tried jumping off of a cliff in Hawaii. I didn't like that. But I tried.

Anyway, I love my Hottie Husband. I wrote him a card this morning. And I have another one on the way (spoiled the surprise). But when I write by hand. I am not eloquent. I feel like I write the same thing in every card. "I love you and can't imagine life without you." But when I blog, it is like I create super-duper blog writing and I feel poetic and creative.

So, Hottie Husband, "I love you." (See it sounds better when I blog, or it at least feels creative. Original? (Probably not.) Now the whole world knows, though.

Thanks for 3,650 days of marriage. You looked good then, but you look amazing now. You helped surpass my wildest dreams of what our marriage would look like--a true partnership.

You are such a good husband, I think you should blog about it. But then I would have to share you with the world. So maybe don't blog. It is enough to have one obsessed blogger in the house.

Thank you for being a hard worker, slaving away to support our habits of a shelter, clothes, food, and electricity to blog. Thanks for allowing me to be a quirky, stubborn, emotional, expressive, granola, stay-at-home, homeschooling woman of God. Thanks for all of your prayers, hugs, kisses, and foot rubs.

I look forward to another 36,500 days of marriage, should the Lord tarry.


casey said...

wow 100 years!! Adrian was the one that caught it. I didn't even notice, I thought wow 36,500 is alot of days ;) Love your pictures! Happy Anniversary!

GranolaMom4God said...

Whoops! I changed the days! Thanks!