Monday, March 30, 2009

Another Giveaway Coming Your Way!

This particular Giveaway Post has been written and rewritten a million times, well, not really. I suppose the delete button has been hit numerous times because I want to share the right words for the classy lady who is offering my next giveaway.

A year ago this coming May, our family experienced an amazing event that resulted in our precious Mr. Smiley, a home birth. Through this experience, I became acquainted and quite connected to three women whom I will NEVER forget. Today you will meet one of those three women, Laurel Hasner. Laurel was my doula at our home birth. At the time, Laurel had just completed her doula certification, and needed to participate in several home births for her training to be complete. My midwife (one of the three influential women I was referring to--and in case you are wondering, the third special gal is my midwife's assistant) suggested Laurel.

I remember sitting in the parking lot of Wild Oats when Laurel and I spoke for the first time. I think that we could have talked the rest of the day. I knew that she was the missing piece to our birth team. What has been great, is that our interaction didn't stop after Mr. Smiley was born. We have become friends, Chai buddies, fellow bloggers, prayer warriors, and transparent moms.

So I could go on to tell you Mr. Smiley's birth story and how fabulous Laurel is, but today I want to focus on Laurel's photography. I asked Laurel to write a little blurb for me about herself and this is what she had to say:

I am wife (6 years), a stay-at-home mama (3 1/2 years) of almost 3
delightful babes, a photographer (8 years) and follower of Christ!
God has given me the passion and talent for photography and a
genuine love for seeing people and life through the eye of a lens.
The world is different, beautiful and anything you want it to be. I get to
know each person and family I "shoot" on an intimately unique level.
I take great pains to capture the personalities of my clients and their
children, and great joy in giving them the gift of the lasting portraits we
create together. I want to be part of Granola Mom's give away, because I
feel blessed to consider myself a friend of hers and I believe in the purpose of
her blog. I look forward to meeting you!

Drum roll please . . . .
The Prize: The winner of this give away will receive an entire two hour portrait session free ($250 value). Your choice of the indoor or outdoor location. Good up to one year from the winning date. Following your photo shoot prize, you may choose to order prints through my professional lab or purchase a CD containing all the edited images of your shoot (and the rights to those images) for a flat $100. With the CD, you will be able to order your own prints from any photo kiosk in store or online and also copy your CD. Travel over one hour requires extra cost.

What do you have to do? (I know, there is always a catch!)

For one entry--
1. If you aren't a follower already, then become a follower of Granola Mom 4 God.
2. Visit Laurel's website and tell me what your favorite photo is and why.

How to Earn Additional Entries: After completing the above mandatory post leave me a separate post for the following steps you participate in.

3. Blog about this giveaway with links back to here and Laurel Hasner Photography and gain 3 extra entries. You must post on my blog with a link to your post.

4. Send this post to your friends. Each friend, who is not already a follower, counts as an entry. Leave a message alerting me to who you bragged to.

5. Tell me about your favorite picture you or someone else has taken and why you find it so special. (One additional entry)

I encourage you to enter for this sweet giveaway. Laurel is really offering a fabulous prize! By the way, Laurel took all of those amazing pictures of my kiddos!


Hi! My name is Janet. said...

hands down. grumpy kid in the green polka-dotted raincoat. because it cracks me up!

Sarah said...

the family feet. Every pair of feet has an original story. If we would slow down and listen to their history, we'd learn a lot about others and ourselves.

christina said...

Oh, man....I could hardly choose a favorite. I got "lost" on the website - looking at those beautiful photos. What a gift God has given your friend, Laurel. I have been thinking about the pics - and I just really can't choose! I am imagining what she could capture in pics of my 4 little men! :)

Sarah said...

I don't know if this is still going on, but I like the pic of the dad and son on the couch looking at each other. I love catching those great moments btwn my husband and son!