Sunday, March 22, 2009

CelebratingSt. Patrick's Day a Little Late in our Garden

Our house has a bit more green in it these days. In an effort to lower our carbon footprint, reduce pollution, make less trips to the grocery store, support local worms, feed annoying bugs, create a haven for ladybugs, get our hands dirty, and create local delicious food in our own home, we began our fourth annual sprouting day on Saturday.

What shall I plant first?

Mr. Smiley wants to help, too. Got to start them "green" while they are young!

Isn't all of this green great? Thanks to my father-in-law!

The plants' new home for two months! They have much more room to grow now that they are out of those confined, dark, dry seed packets!


Sarah said...

I like all the green!!!

christina said...

Jodi - this looks amazing! Can't wait to see it all sprouting and then producing! Brad is composting like a wild man...just spread some on our garden tonight. He was giddy like a school girl! :)