Friday, March 13, 2009

Finger Lickin' Good: Kid's Teriyaki Sandwich

Last night, I made teriyaki chicken with some of the chicken left on the carcass from making chicken stock. Teriyaki is so easy to make, much cheaper than store bought sauce, and tastes 100% better! I always know that it will be a hit with Mr. Easy and the Hubby. Mr. Smackdown tolerates it only because I make brown rice that he drowns with naturally brewed soy sauce. It takes him a bit longer than usual to eat dinner and a few more bargains are made by the hubby to entice Mr. Smackdown to chomp it up.

Still being sick today, I really didn't have much energy to make lunch or really even to eat. So, I decided to reinvent dinner. Wow. You would have thought that I served hot chocolate lava cake with ice cream on top! Mr. Smackdown absolutely LOVED my simple creation. Want to know the secret? I simply put the teriyaki chicken between two pieces of bread glued together by a slice of cheese. Then I toasted it. It was that easy!

Teriyaki Sauce
(makes 3/4 cup)
1 tbls freshly grated ginger (I often freeze my ginger and it grates much easier)
3 garlic cloves, mashed
1 tbls toasted sesame oil
1 tbls rice vinegar
1 tbls raw honey
1/2 cup naturally fermented soy sauce
Mix all ingredients together with a whisk or in the blender. Pour it over some chicken, raw or cooked. Cook as needed.


3boysmom said...

Sounds great, Jodi! I will have to try that with my boys.