Monday, April 27, 2009

Curious Poll Results: What Will Hotty Husband Write About?

I suppose we shouldn't be surprised. I have a slight tendency to write about everyone and everything else. It would be curious to have someone write about me. The poll closed yesterday and the winner of Hotty Husband's guest blog was She Wasn't Granola When I Married Her: Life with Granola Mom 4 God. I probably am a bit unusual. I am sure that this will be an entertaining writing from the Husband. I may even learn a few new things! The pressure is on--what will you write about Hotty Husband?

By the way, I have been so annoyed with not knowing how to spell Hotty. I will have you know that Hottie and Hotty are both correct. It is a slang word. And this is my blog. Well, not really. Kind of.
P.S. I am sure he is just going to shoot me for posting that picture! But it just shows you what a great dad he is! I am excited for you all to meet him!