Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Another Giveaway! FREE, FREE, FREE

Wendy and I had been trying to get together for about 6 months. It finally happened last week and she came bearing gifts from Nature's Providence. Smackdown Hubby was a bit worried when he come home from work; he thought I had purchased the entire basket of products!

But I didn't get to keep them. In fact, I dropped the basket off at her house yesterday. She is giving them to you. I guess she likes you better. At least I still have my Vanilla Lavender Shea Souffle and a bottle of Mink Oil.

I am hereby announcing my 3rd giveaway, even though Wendy took my favorite Honey Almond Shea Souffle (perfect for baby bottoms, dry skin, chapped lips, cuts, and eczema) and Love Spoken Creamy Shea Lotion away from me. Not to mention that the Nature's Providence massage oil is relaxing and not overpowering. Anyway, I though that it was kind of rude for her to need her basket back--as if she has a business!

You would probably like me to shut up and talk about the Giveaway. Nope. One more story.

I once gave Wendy a gift that she probably wished I had never given. You see, our friendship began with cloth diapers. I gave her the worst gift to start her child's cloth diapering career. I made Wendy some RED cloth wipes. Did I mention they were red? Guess what color her new white diapers became? Pink. They had a boy.

Here is what Wendy has to say about herself and Nature's Providence:

Let's see.. about me.. well the easy part is why I love NP. I love how natural and good for my skin it is- -that no matter how often I wash my hands they don't get dried out, how incredibly clean my face feels after washing it, and how healthy and soft my hair feels. I love the scents and essential oils. And of course the soy candles- I've always loved strongly scented candles! I especially love that Nature's Providence is local, handcrafted, and made and sold by women who truly love Jesus. Which brings us to the part about me, a woman who truly loves Jesus, and my husband and two precious kiddos. My prayer is that I love and serve my husband and children in a way that is worship to God.

Please check out Wendy's Nature's Providence Facebook site.

OK . . . so do you want to know what you are playing for? (Can you tell that I am a Survivor fan?)

You will get these three great products FREE, yes FREE . . . even if it needs to be shipped to you somewhere within the United States! And you get to choose your scent! Let me tell you that you are in for a good smelling, good feeling treat! Let me recap:

Enter to win a Handcrafted Bar Soap, a Shea Souffle, and a Sugar Scrub from Nature's Providence.

How do you enter to win this GIVEAWAY?

1. You must be a follower of my blog. If you aren't, become one. I won't stalk you.

2. Go to Wendy's Facebook site or Nature's Providence and let me know what scents you would like in the soap, shea souffle, and scrub. Leave me a comment. (1 point)

Extra Points (entries). You may do them all or the ones that are easy for you.

3. Become a fan on Wendy's Facebook page. Leave a comment and let me know that you did this.(1 point)

4. Send Wendy a Wish List message via Facebook or wildflowerwendy@comcast.net with the following information: (3 points)

1) which products you'd like to receive as gifts
2) names and emails of husband, kids, and any potential gift givers
3) your birthday

5. Tell me something new (via a comment) that you learned from The Nature's Providence website. There is some GREAT educational information about Shea Butter, handcrafted soap, and soy candles. (1 point for each new factoid that you learned. Post each one as a new comment.)

6. Send an email to your friends and me (info@granolamom4god.com) with a link to my blog (http://www.granolamom4god.com/) telling them about this giveaway. (1 point per email address)

7. Guess what products are in the basket that Wendy loaned to me! (1 point)

8. Give a testimony of your experience with Nature's Providence products. (1 point)

Giveaway ends May 5, 2009!


Jena said...

I would love the vanilla sugar. It sounds so good!

Grace said...

awww wendy! yay! I miss her.

christina said...

I think it all sounds amazing. Every member of my family suffers from incredibly dry skin. The shea butter sounds like heaven on earth! :) I think I'd like the vanilla/almond kind of scents. I'm looking forward to Granola Dad's blog entry! :)

Holly said...

Blossoms and Cotton sounds fantastic.

Kristen McG said...

I'm torn between blossoms and cotton/ lavendar vanilla. I'd want the souffle in lavendar vanilla, the sugar scrub in blossoms and cotton, and vanilla lavendar bar soap.
I became a fan on her facebook page.
And- I learned that the exfoliate cleans, mosturizes, and exfoliates all at the same time.

Heidi said...

Yum! There are several scents I'd enjoy, but I'll say Cappuccino as my contest answer!

Heidi said...

I learned that shea butter is what I need to be using on my very dry, cracked heels - my, I hope I win some!

Heidi said...

I also became a fan of the facebook page.