Friday, April 24, 2009

Throwing Glass at Trees

Thanks for the trees. But I promise not go to Goodwill to purchase some ugly, mustard colored, beveled water glasses to throw at it. If you feel like throwing some glass at a tree today, I wouldn't recommend doing it on the city street. You would have to go into the countryside. But when you throw glass in the city, there might be someone walking barefoot. They would get hurt and you would feel bad. So perhaps the safest thing to do, is to just remember us having a Diet Coke together, driving to Goodwill, and throwing some glass one particular sunny day at a tree near our apartment and my car. I'm sure people think we are crazy but sometimes, God gives us creative ideas. And I am sure this post makes no sense to anyone buy you. But God told me to make you smile today.

So, thanks for the trees. I really like them. They are so pretty. I enjoy them each morning as I greet the morning with Mr. Smiley. So, I'll put a glass on the table you gave me instead. It holds water glasses, even mustard colored ones, quite nicely. Well, I am assuming it does. I have never actually tried it. Maybe you could bring me one back. No, just some tea, please.

Though you are far may you feel near. Please use Grover's voice to say that!