Monday, December 13, 2010

Easy Painted Globe Ornament

Let’s pretend that you need an ornament and you need it fast.

It has to be homemade.

xmas sitting 042

And . . . your kids have to make it. 

xmas sitting 043

All of your kids.  The youngest, well, second to youngest, included.

xmas sitting 038 

Not you.  The adult.  A kid.

(Not that I am remade our Christmas ornaments for the ornament exchange my sister hosted or anything.  Not me!  Ahem.)


Drive to a craft store and purchase a clear, plastic, round ornament, or whatever shape you like.  There are also hearts and ovals. 

xmas sitting 037

Make sure you have some paint.

That’s it. 

Kind of. 

I told the Granola Boys that they could choose three colors. 

Take the metal top off of the round sphere, and drizzle as much paint into the globe as you feel comfortable with – knowing that gravity sometimes can be especially strong in little ones’ hands. 

xmas sitting 036

The next step is the most fun for the kiddos.  (Make sure you put the metal top back on the ornament!)

Let them roll the paint around. 

xmas sitting 041

I did set some boundaries with the younger ones . . . like you can’t turn the globe upside down.

Though there was a close call.

xmas sitting 039

Stay tuned; I will show you what I did make for the ornament exchange!

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