Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tot School: 31 months

image Gabe is currently 31 months

It’s been awhile since Gabe (Smiley) has hit the blog in a formal way . . . his moment to shine . . . Tot School.  I admit that since Naomi has been born, organizing workboxes and Tot Trays has proven difficult. 

I tend to gravitate towards the couch, which is NO WHERE near the school room.  So, the little man hasn’t done much by way of manipulatives.  This actually has been good for him though.  He has been joining in crafts and Advent activities with his big brothers.

The big news is that he has started using understandable sentences and complete thoughts.  It has been fun seeing this development in him and his delight at being able to express himself better. 

And what has warmed my heart is how he says, “I love you.”  The best part – he says it totally UNPROMPTED!!!!!

His activities include . . .

  • using paint to make an ornament (see tomorrow’s post)

xmas sitting 038


This was especially humorous to watch because his left hand NEVER touched the tree.  But he was oh-so-proud of his creation!


We also did a very non-granola activity . . . the boys got to eat this toxic concoction.  Yup. 


  • Gabe made a Christmas wreath.  Originally he was supposed to tear the green paper.  It would be an understatement to say that didn’t fly with this little guy.  Asher ended up ripping the paper for him and Gabe was delighted to put glue ALL OVER THE PLATE and add a few pieces of greenery.

christmas tree 018

December Totally Tots 066

  • Played in the snow.  When we went on a walk this evening, we decided to pull Gabe in the sled.  When Gabe saw the sled, he called it a boat.  “Ride boat, Daddy!!”

first snow 003

  • He has developed a new love for Legos. 

lost teeth 004

  • Advent activities – lots of them.  It has been really rich.  A lot of the printables I am using in the morning come from Bible Story Printables.

lost teeth 061

  • I caved in and made a Sensory Bin.  It has been a hit with all of the boys.

end nov 031

Favorite Pictures

end nov 038

Thanksgiving 10 072

(His new hair cut.  It’s so short.  Boo-hoo!)

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