Friday, December 24, 2010


Sometimes as a parent, you have to do hard things . . . make hard decisions . . . walk your children through difficult times. 

Mussoorie 005 October 25, 2001 – December 23, 2010

Grief.  Something our children had yet to experience.  Something I really didn’t want to revisit.

Though just a dog . . . our Rhodesian Ridgeback brought much entertainment, clean floors, and companionship. 

Mussoorie 039

We ask for you prayers as we teach our children about death. 

Lord God, thank you for 9 great years with our dog.  Through her, You assured us that we could indeed be entrusted with Your children, all four of them.  We thank you for the memories and ask that you tenderly hold our children’s aching hearts in Your trusting arms.  God, most of all, through this pain I pray that you would enable us to have the wisdom of Solomon to use Mussie’s death to teach our children the importance of life in Jesus.  May they not be scared of death, but know that through Jesus Christ the sting of death is replaced with the gift of life everlasting . . . no tears, no pain, no sorrow.  But light.  Life. Joy. Peace.  And maybe along with the horses that we read about in Revelation . . . there will be one floppy eared brown dog.

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