Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tea with Tina on a Thursday

I don’t often write a blog post for a specific person. 

christmas tree 021

But today, this post is dedicated to Auntie.

We had some tea (my favorite kind). 

christmas tree 026

It (the tea) is kind of hard to come by . . . unless you happen to live in Azerbaijan.  Or you own an international grocery store.  Or someone leaves you a care package FULL of gifts to open whenever the baby blues hit . . . or all the children are screaming at once – whichever comes first. 

christmas tree 023

The boys begged me to put our tea party on “the blog.”

christmas tree 022

And so I am . . . mostly one-handed once again.

christmas tree 032

Tea time commenced at 11:00 am.  It was accompanied by almond cookies compliments of the Sue Gregg dessert cookbook.

christmas tree 035

It wasn’t too terribly formal.  Just pajamas and bed-head.

christmas tree 036

But it lacked one thing . . . YOU!

So, here is some tea and cookies . . .

christmas tree 034  


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