Monday, January 10, 2011

B.E.E. 90x Challenge: Check-In

Granola Mom 4 God

But He knows the way I take;

When He has tried me, I shall come forth as gold. 

My foot has held fast to His path;

I have kept His way and not turned aside.

I have not departed from the command of His lips;

I have treasured the words of His mouth more than my necessary food.

Job 23:10-12


The B.E.E. 90x Challenge isn’t about outdoing someone . . . or striving to achieve perfection . . . or completing the goal precisely. 

It’s about taking 90 days unto the Lord.  It’s about setting an attainable goal.  A goal with a boundary.  A goal with a finite date.  Not something you attempt to do for an entire year.

That doesn’t mean you will quit after 90 days . . . but it makes your task doable . . . smaller . . . manageable. 

30 days makes a habit.  Perhaps after 90 days your habit will become a lifetime commitment.  You won’t even think of it as a New Year’s Resolution – which was/is the VERY LAST thing I wanted the B.E.E. 90x Challenge to be for me . . . for you. 

B for Bible . . . if you read my Daybook, you know that I had to reroute my reading plan.  I had to chart a new course due to only having so many hours in the day . . . I want quality not quantity with the Lord.  By all means, if the Lord has called you to reading the Bible in 90 days, I WANT YOU TO.  But after conversing with the Hottie . . . I know that I was setting myself up for failure.  The time that I do carve out with my Lord needs to be rich.  I need a few words that I can chew on throughout the day.  I also wanted to be in harmony with the Hottie . . . and he is reading through the Bible chronologically. 

It became an easy decision.  It will also give us great opportunities for conversation.  We will grow closer as a result of fellowshipping over the same text.  Perhaps he will even join me for coffee a few times, especially since I made some vanilla syrup for our lattes (thanks Kristen).

This weeks readings are as follows:

  • Monday . . . . Job 24-28
  • Tuesday . . . . Job 29-31
  • Wednesday . . . . Job 32-34
  • Thursday . . . . Job 35-37
  • Friday . . . . Job 38-39
  • Saturday . . . . Job 40-42
  • Sunday . . . . Genesis 12-15

E is for Eating . . . Still abiding by the general guidelines of Eat Fat Lose Fat and reiterated by Kim who is hosting the Eat Fat Lose Fat Challenge.

  • Eat three meals a day, trying to avoid snacks unless you are pregnant, nursing or have health challenges
  • Consume coconut oil 15-20 minutes before each meal (I use Tropical Traditions)
  • Eat a serving of a high calcium food at each meal (bone broth, raw milk, whole milk yogurt or kefir, coconut milk tonic)
  • Eat a serving of fermented food (beverage, veggie, yogurt) at least once/day. The goal is to eat one at every meal.  And I promise that I will finally give you my water kefir soda recipe in the near future! 
  • The Eat Fat Lose Fat plan focuses on a lower carbohydrate menu but NOT an avoidance of all carbohydrates. God made carbs . . . so we can’t neglect them. 

E is for Exercising . . . You could find me moving to Leslie Sansone Walking DVD, Wii Biggest Loser, and Biggest Loser Yoga.  Soon . . . I’m going to be telling you about Wholy Fit with a fabulous giveaway at the end of the 90 days! 

How did your first week go?  Any successes?  Any points for prayer?

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