Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Waffle of a Failure

I was making waffles.  Sue Gregg waffles.  Oh so good.

Previously I had followed the recipe and they turned out GREAT.

Bear Snores On 046

As a result, I made a bulk batch of the grain mixture – ever so proud of myself and my pre-planning.

Bear Snores On 044

I suppose it helps to continue to follow


But I opted not to. 

I started out making waffles, like I previously said.


However, remember . . . I didn’t follow the directions. 

I wanted to use what I had in the fridge . . . like egg whites.  4 of them.


The waffle iron was not pleased with my change of plans.

So, I thought the batter was still thicker than pancake batter . . . my perfect grain concoction would make splendid pancakes.


Wrong again.

Determined not to be defeated, I dumped the entire contents of my Vitamix into the skillet and came up with mashed waffles.

The boys weren’t so convinced. 


Neither was I. 

Moral of the story:  follow the directions.

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