Sunday, January 2, 2011

The B.E.E. 90x Challenge

I have received NUMEROUS blog posts in my inbox regarding New Year’s resolutions or lack thereof . . .

and emails regarding

goals that just “happened” due to being prompted by the beginning of a New Year. 

I don’t want to bombard you with more thoughts on the New Year. 

But I’m going to.

(And yes, this old bat actually stayed up.) 

I didn’t get to see the ball drop in Times Square. 

(Not that I am bitter.) I have ONLY seen the ball drop EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. as long as a I can remember.  SOME PEOPLE neglected to inform us that it was midnight.  We were playing the Wii . . .  and a certain someone (who shall remain nameless but I am sure you can guess who it was because I am married to him) was resisting seeing a certain Dick Clark with lots of makeup on. 

I couldn’t look at my watch.  I was driving my racecar.  The nameless man was the ONLY one not playing.  He had been counting down the minutes until midnight with his fancy schmanshy (my new word) atomic, digital, and battery-less watch.  HE KNEW THE TIME.

While I deal with my “issues,” here are some suggestions for the new year . . . but certainly not resolutions . . . and this list isn’t setting you up for failure but offering an opportunity for growth.

  1. B for Bible. Join me in reading the Bible in 90 Days (begins January 3rd – over 700 people are signed up so far!)
  2. E for eating. Consider the Eat Fat Lose Fat challenge (starts January 5th)
  3. E for exercising. Practice the moves of Dr. Jiggle (Veggietale character, in case you were wondering)and spring into action by exercising over the next 90 days.  To help me accomplish this massive movement of my postpartum body, I am using

Choose all three options and grab my button for your blog!  (I hope it works!  This is the first time I have made a button!)

Granola Mom 4 God
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