Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Introducing the Newest Addition . . .

After much prayer, and believe it or not, humongous confirmation from the Lord, let me introduce to you . . .


Ruth . . . or Ruthie

We had many names picked out . . . but Ruth was the name that ALL the boys agreed upon.  We thought it was kind of cute since we have a Naomi that was just born.  But that isn’t to say or mean that Naomi is Ruth’s MIL, like the story in the Bible. 

Umm . . . because Naomi is a baby and Ruth is VERY much of a dog. 

I’ll have you know that taking care of a newborn is MUCH easier than taking care of a puppy. 


I’m glad that my dog won’t be in diapers for 3 years, but taking her out to potty every 1.5 hours . . . in addition to getting up to feed Naomi . . . makes for a very tired mommy.

But the SHORT inconvenience will reward a lifetime of blessing and reward for our family. 

We look at our unusual dog as a conversation piece.  It gives us opportunities to talk with people that we don’t know or wouldn’t normally talk with when walking around town. 


There is so much joy in my heart when I see my sons step up to the plate and take ownership of their new sibling. 

I love seeing the dog bound after their heels in the backyard . . . my brain fast forwards 9+ or so years when our first drives a car with Ruth happily sitting in the front seat, when one of our boys is courting a girl and they take Ruthie on a walk together, or even when one of them leaves for college . . . this will be their dog.  The dog they tell stories about.

If you grew up with a dog as a child . . . you know what I mean.  My dog was Toby.  And my adult dog was Mussie.  Their dog will be Ruthie.


During the day they have been responsible for watching Ruth when I am changing a diaper, nursing, or making a meal.  They feed her, give her water, and generously reward her with treats.  They have created tunnels and made her a kennel of pillows.  They have even shared their Ahh! Bean Bags with her . . . (by the way, if you ever have a child puke all over your Ahh! Bean Bags – don’t worry.  They clean up GREAT!  Not that I would know or anything.)


I love knowing that I know that I know we are completely in the Lord’s will by purchasing Ruth so soon after Mussoorie’s death.  The way the pieces fell into place reveal to me that Ruth’s arrival into our family is no accident.  And that our God cares about even the little details in our lives.


In fact, her presence in just two short days has given me a new perspective . . . on our controlled chaos.  And I’m happy. 

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