Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Daybook (7)


FOR TODAY:  Thursday, January 6, 2011
Outside my window...  it is snowing.  I love how snowflakes flutter down like a feather. 

I am thinking... that it is amazing that I actually have had an hour to sit and do whatever I wanted to.  For the most part, everyone has taken a rest time this afternoon.  Ahh . . . it makes me feel at peace to have some quiet.  

I am thankful for...  Melanie who sent me YUMMY chocolates!  I have limited myself to one a day since I am participating in my own B.E.E. 90x Challenge.

New Year 072

IMPORTANT AMMENDMENT regarding the B.E.E. 90x Challenge in my life:  I set a completely unrealistic goal for myself.  I am only going to serve as a Mentor for the Bible in 90 Days, not read the 12 pages a day.  I ended up in tears feeling utterly defeated the first day . . . as I collapsed into bed at 11:30 PM. 

Plus, the Hottie ever so sweetly asked me to read through the Bible Chronologically with him this year.  I couldn’t resist his sweet smile and batting eyes. 

Christmas Vacation 048(They are looking at Asher’s Christmas present, the Action Bible.) 

Back to Melanie . . . she is a constant source of encouragement to me AND the voice of reason often.  Sometimes instead of leaving me visible comments for you all to see . . . she writes me precious emails full of wisdom and practicality.  I need that.  I am too much of a visionary and dreamer.

From the learning rooms... Sigh.  Life is full of learning.  We are doing the bare minimum right now.  Using some gift cards that I received for Christmas, I had a date with Target.  We need more organization for me to function in the cold school room.  Did I say cold?  Ahem.  Hottie.  Ahem. 

From the kitchen...  I’m making lamb tonight!  And I may even try some beats.  Our meals have gotten easier and harder at the same time.  I have been receiving the Nourished Kitchen meal plans and it has helped me to think ahead. 

I am creating... milk.

I am going... to organize the schoolroom and set up an ancient computer for the boys.

I am reading…  The Bible, The Year of Living Biblically, Creative Correction

I am hoping... that Naomi’s adjustment will help her sleep and relax.  I am also praying that the Cranial Sacral therapy Gabe received and will receive will alleviate the discomfort he feels in his face from his fall.  

I am hearing... trucks in the highway and little boys playing in the basement.

Around the house...  I need a maid.  But I did actually clean my bathroom with my new E-Cloth yesterday.

One of my favorite things... my new espresso machine.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  take care of my kids, lower my expectations, implement Tell Your Time, creatively find a way to bless my husband, write some reviews, hang Naomi’s clothes, and exercise.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

Is that not the largest marshmallow you have ever seen?

New Year 009

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