Friday, November 12, 2010

Animal Train Sort and Match


I love order, but I struggle to keep it.  I greatly enjoy when everything has a place.  A box.  A home.  A permanent location. 

But with three boys, toys end up everywhere, and used for multiple purposes (often not what they were intended for).

I think that is why I have always appreciated the children's quiet times, especially when they were contained confined to their bed or crib.  The toys stayed in one location and they were easy to put away.

That is until Smiley came along.  His goal is that by the end of his quiet time to see how far he can throw his toys across his room.

Anyhow, recently we began playing with the Guidecraft Animal Train Sort and Match.  Though this learning toy teaches matching, sorting, sequencing, and pattern recognition, it best served us by teaching our boys how to work together! 

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Here is the low-down on this learning toy from Guidecraft:

An award-winning educational tool for teaching color-matching, shape-matching and pattern-recognition in a fun, game-like setting. Animal Train Sort and Match includes six double-sided pattern cards, 43 animal and train pieces, a wooden storage case, and a self-propping board with pegs and metal backing to help guide the parts into place. Ages 3+.

From a mom perspective the primary reason why I like this toy is  because it is self contained.  Technically, no pieces – NOTHING -- would have to ever leave the box. 

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The Animal Train Sort and Match has worked well in our house as an independent item for our workboxes. 

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I recommend this toy especially if you are a nursing mom and you need to provide you child (children) with an independent  learning  toy while you are attending to your new baby.

This toy can be found at Guidecraft or on Amazon ranging in price from $33-$40.  Similar and equally cute products are the Construction Sort and Match and the Flower Match Garden Patch.

Or you can try to win this toy by heading on over to My Life On  A Taffy Pull.

Once again, a big thanks goes out to Guidecraft for allowing me to be a part of their Mom Bloggers Review Team.  I was not paid for this post nor do I have to return this toy!

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