Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I have been rather remiss in posting daily what I am thankful for . . . but I have found that managing two blogs, and writing for two others plus having a newborn, along with all of my previous duties makes for a busy Jodi.

But I am thankful. 

Let’s see how thankful. 

If I go with my original thankful goal last year of listing 10 things a day that I am thankful for, then I need to write 125 items below. 

Here goes.  (Please give me grace for any typos or unintentional exclusions.)

  1. Jesus Christ and His sacrifice on the cross for me (and the world) that provides almost minutely forgiveness for me!  I have asked God recently to show me what He has saved me from . . .  yea.  I’ll leave it at that right now.
  2. The Holy Spirit that helps me to understand the Bible and convicts me . . . thus enabling me to change, be it ever so slow.
  3. the Hottie . . . who is too funny, extends grace, loves me despite my popped balloon appearance right now.
  4. (According to birth order)  Mussoorie and that she is still alive thanks to steroids
  5. Asher – my helpful son full of gifts of service, words of encouragement, and homemade gifts
  6. Ezra – my snuggly bundle of energy whom I can always count on to sit and read a book with or have a delightful date with
  7. Gabe – the little boy who provides constant amusement and a smile
  8. Naomi – forever my Sweet Pea who is a a joy and every so pleasant to wear around.
  9. a fast and safe delivery on October 18th
  10. our new house and that we didn’t have to do much aesthetically to it . . . it was as if God gave the previous owner a vision of how to prepare it for us!
  11. My mom coming over to help on Tuesdays.
  12. My Mother-In-Law for coming to help on Wednesdays.
  13. Starbucks . . . it is only 2 minutes from my house.
  14. my Sunday night Bible Study with beautiful women.
  15. my Monday night Bible Study . . . filled with new friends and delightful conversation
  16. Twitter – that it can bridge miles
  17. all of the meals that were delivered to our house after Naomi was born
  18. my sister who keeps me hoping with creative ideas
  19. sisters and brothers-in-laws and their kids
  20. Mothering Magazine
  21. my father-in-law who helps us with all sorts of household projects
  22. a warmer house now that we have fresh insulation
  23. my texting plan
  24. I’m thankful that I once lived in Colorado and India
  25. 11 years of marriage
  26. I still love my husband and want to date him.
  27. We got to keep our swing set.
  28. Despite having hypothyroidism and PCOS, I am able to nurse Naomi.
  29. homemade pie crust
  30. Endangered Species Chocolate
  31. a great Dad who provided my excellent education
  32. the Canada cabin
  33. hand-me-down clothes from friends
  34. our church
  35. my laptop . . . it’s portable
  36. my camera, Willow
  37. Neo, who allows the kids learn how to use the computer
  38. creative friends
  39. yoga pants
  40. my Vita-Mix
  41. my new toaster oven
  42. I love my bedroom.  It is such a haven.
  43. book club
  44. paperbackswap
  45. great blogs that help me with school and encourage me in life
  46. the hope that I may go to Relevant next year
  47. I have only dated my husband.
  48. I’m thankful that I learned to ski, backpack, and play games.
  49. our house sold quickly
  50. my sewing machine
  51. I have an outlet – my blog, even though most don’t understand why it is so important to me
  52. Green B.E.A.N. Delivery – ordering all my groceries on line
  53. my great midwife, who is also my friend
  54. all of my friends . . . I’m not going to mention you all . . . that would be too easy to fill up my thankful list!
  55. that I live in a country where I can read my Bible in public, worship freely, homeschool, and so far make my own health care decisions
  56. boxes at my doorstep
  57. when the mail man brings my mail to the door
  58. a haircut
  59. no zits
  60. deodorant that works
  61. big driveway
  62. trees in my yard
  63. Cutco knives
  64. stoneware
  65. a good steak
  66. when people show up with surprise coffees and they guess my favorite beverage correctly! 
  67. the smell of baking bread
  68. coconut oil
  69. almond oil
  70. SmartWool socks
  71. Mountain Hardwares cool logo
  72. raw milk and Mark and  the farm ours comes from
  73. finally finding a pizza crust that I like (thanks Jolanthe)
  74. silence
  75. flowers
  76. garden produce
  77. Farmer’s Markets
  78. the perfect Vanilla Latte
  79. Christmas trees
  80. Christmas music
  81. being able to print without being attached to the printer
  82. baby girl clothes
  83. minky sheets
  84. how precious Naomi’s room looks
  85. miracles
  86. a cheesecake that comes out of the oven without cracks
  87. a shower after two days in the same clothes (not that I would know)
  88. snail mail
  89. coupons
  90. organization
  91. exercising without peeing your pants
  92. diapers that aren’t poopy when you go to change them
  93. a good nights sleep that is longer than 4 hours
  94. the love Naomi’s brothers have for her
  95. fences
  96. living near a state park
  97. canoe rides
  98. bright houses
  99. easy solutions
  100. answers to prayer
  101. having someone know you really well
  102. feeling beautiful
  103. hoodies
  104. Dansko shoes
  105. not having to wait long at the doctor’s office
  106. good music like Jon Foreman, Toby Mac, 100 Portraits, Seeds of Worship, U2
  107. Pandora – it’s free
  108. knowing that heaven awaits me – no crying, no pain, no hurt feelings, seeing Jesus, clothes that you don’t outgrow
  109. glue sticks
  110. Hottie’s days off
  111. the weekend
  112. the Hottie’s new blog and our idea for it . . . now he just needs the time to write
  113. having what you need and not having to run out to the grocery store
  114. a family dinner full of conversation, no fighting, and everyone likes what they are eating
  115. vacations
  116. snow
  117. the smell of spring
  118. making a pile of leaves
  119. the smell of Naomi’s head – or the top of any newborn baby’s head
  120. making Operation Shoebox boxes with my kids
  121. baking cookies
  122. watches with timers
  123. my inductive study Bible
  124. unconditional love
  125. sweet fellowship
  126. when my children have ah-ha God moments

and there are more . . . but I met my goal and it is time to go celebrate!

Head on over to Conny’s blog for some more Thankful Things!

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