Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Compassion

As Mussie continues to hang on, Sir Honey has increased his devotion and compassion for his furry brown dog. 

christmas crafts 001

Mornings are full of snuggles and patiently encouraging her to eat her dog food. 

christmas crafts 004 

Though Mussie is just a dog, I love seeing how nurturing Sir Honey is . . . his love despite the fact that she doesn't give much back in return.  He is learning a good lesson. 

But I know an even harder one is nearing. 

I don’t mean for this to be a sad post.  What I intended to show is how proud I am of Sir Honey.  He is an honorable young man.  It is in quiet moments that his sweetness really emerges.  I love seeing how God made him and when Sir Honey uses the gifts the Lord instilled in him.  Often Sir Honey only uses them when he feels unobserved. 

He is a quiet Knight. 

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