Saturday, November 20, 2010

Egypt: Hideaways in History

Last Saturday our good friends came over to visit from Ohio. 

november3 036

The visit had many purposes.  The most important being fellowship; followed by an introduction to Naomi, and a crash course in all things Egypt.

november3 042 (a cartouche – Egyptian necklace bearing the wearer’s name in hieroglyphics)

Jay and Emily once went on a mission trip to Egypt to help a church build a ropes course, modeled after the one at our church. 

november3 039

Thankfully the Lord brought this fact to my attention when Asher recently mentioned that he still didn’t understand how large the pyramids were.  (FYI—they are much taller than Jay and Emily!)

We learned how to make pita bread.

november3 049

From the littlest . . .

november3 053 (Smiley looking oh-so-serious.)

But I personally, like how Ben rolls out his pita dough . . .

november3 056

He and I get along quite well.

november3 061

To the oldest . . .

november3 045

and they were quite delicious . . . though not very round.

november3 046 november3 047  

I don’t know that I could ever go back to a store bought pita . . . now if only I could find the recipe Emily gave me.

november3 034

The pita bread was accompanied by homemade hummus, mandarin oranges, cucumbers and tomatoes, and fava beans.

november3 033

She added a few choice spices . . .

november3 035 

It’s nice to have this lesson in our Hideaways In History completed.  Thanks Jay and Emily!  It was sooooooo good to see you!

I wonder where we will travel to next?

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