Monday, November 22, 2010

First Things First: A Review

For starters, the rumors circulating about football star, Kurt and (his wife) Brenda Warner,image simply aren’t true.  Yes, they are a rags to riches story BUT they did not meet in the grocery store were Kurt was a stock boy.  Nope.  Nothing like that.  But you gotta read the book to find out HOW they met.

What book? First Things First.  I highly recommend it.

For a fast, interesting, AND applicable book – this is the book for you (and me).  I honestly thought this would be a nice book but wasn’t expecting to read it as if it were one of my “vacation books.” 

However, the Warner’s excellently combined real life stories with practical application.  For example, I pulled a few “rules” out of the book and began applying them in our family.

  • I’m completely OK if the boys dress themselves.  I will allow them to wear whatever concoction they come up with, even if it is glaring to the eyes.  I will intervene if they are wearing shorts, though, in sub-zero weather.  If the Warner’s don’t care that their children didn’t walk out of a Gap commercial, then I don’t need to either.  One less thing to argue about.
  • I’ve always prayed with the kids . . . like at mealtimes, moments of stress, for ouchies . . . . but never “OVER” them – like as in a blessing.  So, at night I have been asking them their prayer requests and then entreating the Lord’s protection, asking for sweet dreams, and for their current and future spiritual walks.  I felt like an idiot for not already doing this – better late than never.
  • At dinner, I have begun to ask everyone what their favorite part of the day was . . . hoping to inspire thoughtful conversation.

To pull three things out of a book AND actually remember them without flipping through the book . . . I’d say it has to be a pretty practical book.

Complete with color pictures and collectable football cards makes this book a hit for the entire family!

Thanks to Tyndale House Publishing for sending me this book to read and review.  I was not paid for this post, nor do I have to return the book.  It will remain in our family library because I really want Brian to read it.

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