Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tropical Traditions Lip Moisturizer: A Giveaway

I don’t wear makeup.

OK, I lied. 

On rare occasions you will spot some mineral mascara on my eyelashes, all to rival a certain family member’s long lashes. 

I don’t wear lip stick.  If I did, I certainly wouldn’t let you call  it lipstick.  Just like if I use something that looks like a purse I won’t respond to any questions about said baggage if you refer to it as a purse.  It’s a satchel.

Likewise, I wear chap stick.

As do my sons.

xmas tree 015

The whole reason I wanted to try this chap stick out is because of Asher, who wouldn't have anything to do with posing for me.  He is the one who profited the most from this review.  Even before he entered the world he could be seen biting his lip.  It only happens when he is tired.  It makes for chapped lips.

Ezra was getting ready to go outside.  He loves the camera.  He wanted to protect his lips.  I got some cute pictures as a result.

xmas tree 018

He was concerned that the chap stick might turn his face yellow.   After all, the stick is yellow.

xmas tree 020

But it didn’t.  See?

xmas tree 019

Like most other Tropical Tradition products, once I sample their products – I’m hooked.  The Tropical Traditions Orange Cinnamon Lip Moisturizer is no different.  (It smells like Christmas!)

xmas tree 016

I could tell you a bunch of facts regarding this product, but you need to read for yourself

My personal favorite truth about this Tropical Tradition product:  you could eat it.  I wouldn’t.  But you could.  You know your kids will.  Could the ingest your current chap stick in safety?

Want to win a bit of Christmas on you lips?  Keep Jack Frost away!  By the way, Ezra was wondering – who is Jack Frost?

Enter to win!

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Contest ends December 3, 2010 at Midnight

Author's Note: I was given this product to review from Tropical Traditions, and I do not have to return the product to the vendor. I was not paid for this post. All opinions expressed in this post are mine unless otherwise noted.

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