Friday, May 27, 2011

If You Have a Son . . . Please Read!

There is a lot of testosterone in my house.  A lot. 



Three boys.  One man.  And I have PCOS . . . so you can throw me in there too. 

When we found out we were going to have a son, then two sons, and then three sons . . . I really wondered what on earth the Lord was doing. 

Sons?  Gulp.  Aren’t they wild?

And then everyone at church was having sons too.  An influx of little men.  Talk about a busy narthex (can you tell my religious upbringing?)

I grew up with a sister.  I wasn’t around boys much until . . . well, until for some odd reason my two best friends in high school were boys.

Go figure. 

However, I think the Lord had me friends with the opposite sex to lead me to my husband.  The Engineer played football with my two best friends.  That’s an entirely different story.

Fast forward 18 years later . . . we have three sons.

Raising them up to be Godly men is a challenge.  It is requiring extreme creativity; patience; learning to accept mud, bugs, and pushes for hugs; and learning to communicate in a way completely foreign to me.  It requires that I consider how I dress, what attire my daughter wears, and the images that I allow my sons to see. 

I don’t get boys.  But God does.  And I know God.  I love God.  And I love my boys. More importantly God loves my boys.

So, I’m asking God these days to truly help me train up my sons so that when they are older they will not depart from the Lord, from the sure way.

I’ve recently discovered a GREAT resource and will be one of many moms hosting small groups all over the country . . . even world, using this resource --


What is this book, Warrior Prayers?  (Click on the link to hear directly from the author, Brooke McGlothin.)

It is a compilation.  A resource.  Your companion for 21 days.  Your guide through scripture to fervently pray for your sons . . . the little men in your lives. 

And you can take this sacred time and share it with other moms . . . for accountability and encouragement . . . starting June 8, 2011. 



How will it work?

  • Starting June 8th, each Monday hop on over to Brooke’s blog, Warrior Prayers and watch a video.
  • Each Friday, there will be an opportunity to link-up a post on your blog sharing about how the Lord is moving and working in your life and in the life of your boys here at Granola Mom 4 God (make sure you link up with me and over at the Warrior Prayers blog, so you can be eligible for any giveaways that may pop up along the way.
  • The challenge will be for 21 days straight.  No weekends off!!  If Satan doesn’t rest, nor should we!
  • You can purchase the book for only $5.97.  I skipped 2 Starbucks and it was worth it!  (Nope, I’m not earning any money through that link.)  But I would through this link . . . Warrior Prayers on Kindle. (Just being honest.)
  • You can anticipate a Facebook chat and Twitter Party to finish our time together.
  • And from me . . . a virtual home to relax in and discuss what  you are learning; an ear that will listen; a heart that will pray; and a person to hold you accountable. 

If you are interested in joining my group, please fill out this survey!  Don’t forget to purchase Warrior Prayers or leave a comment and win a copy of the ebook!

See you June 8th!

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