Thursday, May 12, 2011

My Daybook



Outside my window... the sun has disappeared and has been replaced with rain clouds.  But luscious color still remains.


I am thinking... that it is ridiculous to get a cold when the weather has been so glorious and I have been outside so much. 

I am also contemplating how many seeds I will need to fill up my garden, where to place the perennials that are exploding in the green house, and what the Engineer has planned for my birthday tomorrow.


I am also reflecting on how I have missed my blog, but I have chosen the better . . . nourishing my family.  Numbers, hits, trackbacks mean nothing in light of gaining more hugs.  Though, I am sad my “numbers” have radically dropped off.

I am thankful for...  friends who babysit, chai, the cute Engineer, surprises, chubby baby legs, working out with Everett’s help, rich smelling dirt, sleeping rooms, staying on top of laundry, and that frankincense doesn’t smell nearly as bad as I thought.

From the learning rooms...  we are enjoying the Old Testament Timeline from Grapevine Studies


and Anatomy and Physiology from Apologia.  The boy’s beg for more school . . . it can be a bit overwhelming.

From the kitchen...  Nothing is presently growing, that I know of.  I did make coconut water kefir though . . . and it turned out pretty good!

I am creating... order.  Room for my children.  Space to be happy.  Healing.

I am going... to go pick up my now-awake Naomi. 


Tonight also is the start of Ruth’ Novice dog class.  Um . . . the class is more for us than her. 


I am reading… my computer screen.

I am hoping... to create a fun weekend for my children and enjoy friends. 

I am hearing... the dishwasher, my sniffing, and a little girl who wants to be picked up.

Around the house...  things are beginning to have a place.

One of my favorite things... dew on grass . . .


A few plans for the rest of the week:  read my Bible, keep up with laundry, live one day at a time – maybe one second at a time, and enjoy my birthday.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

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